Our Customers

Auscraft Specialty Print provides the service of hot foil stamping and embossing to customers all over Australia in many different industries and onto many diferent products. We are able to do this using a wide range of specialized heat transfer machines all on site under the one roof.

  • Promotional marketing companies
    Items such as compendiums, business card holders, note books, satchels, travel wallets, bags
  • Diary manufacturers and importers
    Diaries, all books, moleskin,
  • Clothing industry
    Swing tags, leather jackets, belts, shoes
  • Plastics manufacturers
    Denture boxes, display trays
  • Education sector
    Stamping school logos onto awards, books, diaries, plaques…
  • General Public
    Stamping names, initials or logos onto wallets, personal items, jewelery boxes, brief cases, books, photo albums,
  • Leather good companies
    All leather and non leather items, compendiums, wallets, folders, satchels…