Wish to get that highlighted image or design on a surface that stands out against the background of the material on which it is embarked? Your perfect source to implement this thought is the embossing process known to create great imprints against a background.

The art of embossing comes effortlessly to the staff of Auscraft, as they strive hard day in and out to create the exact effect on the item or surface that you wished for. The foil embossing 57 with it’s hi tech features and power packed performance is bound to create easy and elegant imprints. Making greeting cards, wedding cards, name plates, all of these can be done with the foil embossing 57 machine.

The foil embossing 57 technique creates multidimensional effect that can virtually bring the desired effect live onto your product. The task of embossing being demanding to achieve the exact result as requested, needs to be processed with utmost care and perfection. The Auscraft team assures you a quality that will leave you wondering of the exactness and excellence.


At Auscraft we also provide blind embossing services to ensure we give the business card or other cards or items an elegant look, without the usage of any ink or foil. For those who wish to keep the image or graphic simple yet elegant and match the color of the background or the material on which it is stamped, blind embossing works as a wonder.

This embossing process does not create a colorful impact as there is no usage of ink or foil, however it blends well with the background highlighting the raised image. The blind embossing technique is the latest innovation which leaves the image on the surface bulged, which can be both felt and touched.

We are also professionals at providing embossing folders, Compendium Embossing and leather embossing services. Call us at (03)99397648 or submit the contact form online.